I am an open-minded conservative man who is watching the world slowly descend into chaos before his very eyes.

I am not one to suffer idiocy, or stupidity, or ignorance. I am here to open a different window on life and things I have seen in my half century on this rock in the middle of the cosmos.  I am a lover not a fighter, unless I am crossed, and then woe to the instigator.

I am spiritual, but not religious. I think our existence was created on purpose, and not just some random act of happening.  Yes, I do believe in a creator, but not a god.  I think we are a grand experiment in proving a point made eons ago.  I also do not believe we are each being watched for the good or bad we do, but the planet is being watched as a whole uninterrupted like any scientific experiment should be, as any tampering would spoil the final results…     As to the final result?   Your guess is as good as mine.

I dabble in automotive, computer, weaponry, and technology as hobbies.  I pay attention to the idiocy of our government, and to the social transformation of our once great country.  I listen intently, and only pontificate when I need to.  I am always aware of my surroundings and will not hesitate if action is needed.

I hope anyone reading this appreciates my blog.



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