Wake up people.


3 thoughts on “Wake up people.

  1. Interesting! I’ve heard some kids at school talking about bullet shortages and other non-mainstream ideas. I’m also pretty sure I’ve lost some “friends” after posting my “proud to be white”/white armband poster on Facebook. Oh well!

  2. Ha. Murka loves war. Along with our degenerate culture it is our greatest export. Anything that helps destroy Murka must be encouraged. There is nothing left to salvage.

    I’m rooting for Korea. What guts to challenge the US. The US is now the drunken neighborhood bully. I feel kin to the Koreans as they still have a race and a people of their own. In this they are richer than the US. As long as they nuke NYC, DC and LA they’ll have my vote.

    What are the SPs saying? If I know them, they are just repeating the MSM lies about Korea, how evil they are. No doubt Mosby and friends want to “get some” for their masters in Washington. As long as they can pull triggers and play the hero, they’ll go anywhere on Earth, follow any order.

    There was a glorious article on all these “cop buddies” that are now cropping up.

  3. Good video. My personal preference would have been for the example to be Bolshevik Russia pulling people out of their homes and shipping them off to the gulag but other than that it was a good video.

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