4 thoughts on “Identity?

  1. Interesting talk. I see the author is a multiculturalist. My tribe is the white race – at least the part of it that wishes to live on Earth.

    I’m not overly impressed; its just a little evoluionary psychology, same as Roissy uses. It is true everywhere. But its nice to see an SP libertarian get it.

  2. I saw that. Watched a few of their videos. I see they still believe in the Murkan dream. That country is dead and buried.

    Like the SPers, they worship “part” of old America, completely ignoring the racial beliefs of the founding fathers. America was to be a country for free, white men.

    They don’t have the ken to fix the problems. Women cannot be allowed to vote; if they do, politicians will use PU to fool them easily. Multicultural nations do not work. SPers are, to a man: pro Israel, pro feminist, pro fag, pro trannies in the military.

    Your own state is going to be part of Mexico inside 20 years and will be fully Democrat. Won the Alamo, only to hand it back without a shot. I see the media is not covering the race war there, where the Mexicans chase out the negros. It doens’t fit into the MSM narrative.

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