Good things in life

Cold beer

Grilled steak

Pot roast

Old whiskey

.45 caliber pistols

440 cubic inch engines

Z cars

Ribeye steaks

Canadian beer

.308 caliber rifles

Smokers, with brisket in them

Big trucks

Soft women

Fast cars


Texas BBQ

Large caliber rifles


Willing females

Canadian whiskey

Soft bedding

Texas vodka

Good tools

Solid music

Rocking kitchens

Smoked brisket

Female orgasms

Man caves


7 thoughts on “Good things in life

  1. Ughhhhhh Mikey. Why all the booze? Alcohol interferes with training and studying. You don’t drink then shoot do you? If you give up the liquer, you’ll become a better soldier.

    • I don’t even drink caffeine when I am shooting, much less alcohol. At 50 yards, I am deadly with a pistol, at 200, iron sights on a rifle is a dead target. My scoped rifle? Let’s just say you better be greater than 500 yards out to not get .308″ diameter lead poisoning…

  2. Ha ha ha. You are an SPer, I knew it.

    But what if the other guy shoots back? Can you hit those targets on the run? Kneeling behind cover? How about at night? You’ve got to think outside of the box. Especially if you’re thinking about the military or police.

    Maybe you should drink and shoot. Will you always be dead sober when you need your gun? Better train that skill. It’s not about “safety” or obeying the rules, it’s about results. You have to be different than others.

  3. I have been shooting probably longer than you have been alive. Point and shoot is habitual.

    1st you give me a hard time about drinking and the next breath you are saying I should shoot while drinking. LOL.

    Do you always try this hard to make someone dislike you, not that any of it is working.

  4. Ha. I think it’s important to be flexible. One could come up with good reasons for drinking and shooting, or maybe there is no reason to. The explaination is everything.

    I have other reasons for not liking alcohol. My speciality deals somewhat with them. People who talk too much are a danger to themselves and to others in their group. One slip of the tongue at the wrong time can lead to many years in jail.

    I will compliment you – you’re very unique. The first SPer I’ve seen who knows about the PUAs and MRMs.

    Everyone has a limitation. It’s my job to find out where yours is. You should be doing that too, especially with your group. Understand the present and the future falls into place.

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