It is something that seems to be missing from what the average male nowadays is blessed with.  It is a concept that you are the master of your own universe and you couldn’t care less what others think about anything you have on your endeavor list for your own life.  It is a key component of who you are, where you have been, and where you are going in life.

It is also crack to most women you will meet.  Being utterly confident in whatever you happen to be doing is key to attracting the opposite sex.

Doing your own thing, and having your own agenda, above and beyond.  Women like men of action and aptitude, who always have something going on beyond interactions with them.  It turns them on to know you have a whole life of you own when they aren’t around.  If you have your own life and instill a deep confidence in yourself, the women will be orbiting you and not the other way around. I am familiar with the Game theory, and have been versed in its use and abilities for many years. There are men who play the hard core version of this in their lives and are very successful in having sex with a variety of women.  I was there at one time.  It is a fun merry-go-round to ride, for a time.  This PUA genre is both loved and hated by the opposite sex.  A natural alpha will already know most of the nuances of this exercise as they know how it works on the modern female psyche.  The Game however, is directed at the more soft, “sweet”, beta male types that seem to be multiplying rapidly in this feminized PC world of ours, and you know who you are.

All this being said though, the conquest of women will become lackluster after awhile, and the hundreds of ticks on your bedpost won’t mean much to you when you are still alone because the Game was too important to actually snag one of the ones that was truly worthy of a real relationship with you.  This is going to fall on the deaf ears of the young players, but I think will ring true to them as they get older.

Just remember though. Have you own life, do your own thing, and enjoy things that interest you. If you are consistent with those, life does have meaning.


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